Running a business while having Glaucoma

Today I listed a Liz Claiborne Brooch and it sold in 10 minutes. That is the fastest sale I ever had since started the business June of 2012. It sold on Etsy, and is my 41st sale. Last week I hit a milestone with Etsy that I wanted 40 sales before the end of 2013 and have went past that. So I am happy about it. With eBay we have sold close to 200 items, random items, but they sold. 
I wish I knew what my eyes were going to do everyday. If they were good all day, I could work on my business all day. But, they fluctuate and I am unable to work on everything as I want to. I am happy, though to be able to still see to do what I can, may be not the best sight, but I still go on. 


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