Not happy with Etsy

I have been contemplating leaving Etsy even though I have been selling there for over 4 years. This year they have made huge changes and made it much more impersonal. They changed the whole look of Etsy, they took away the Treasuries, and other things that used to make it special. I used to get frustrated with the amount of emails for treasuries. Then I realized I had a whole lot more people following and favoring my items. I have used the teams to some extent, but do not find them as productive to help with the selling. I think before long they will take away the teams as well. If they do that, I am sure thousands will leave Etsy. If you are going to want impersonal, then use eBay or worse Amazon. 
I noticed too that some of the trusted and loving shops that used to sell and sold a long while has quit selling. They are still on Etsy, but not selling items anymore. Here I reopened a Vintage store a few months back, and changed my name on the design with jewelry shop and frames, etc.. '
I also went in and changed many pictures to make them better. I also went in and changed tags and titles to make the items stand out more. I still am not selling much. One month this year I did have 5 sales in the month. Now since April I have only 1-2 sales. Some months I had no sales, so this is frustrating. I work really hard to get the sales and they do not happen. So at this time, I am not sure what will happen after the first of the year. I am not planning on listing anymore and will continue to work on my items. However, whether  I will sell anymore after the holidays depends on sales. Right now, things do not look too great. 
Here is my shop for the jewelry and frames and some vintage

Here is my shop that sells only Vintage


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