January sales on Etsy, and the Etsy Heart Exchanger

After my last post, I ended up with many sales for January. I had several on both Etsy shops. I had 7 sales in them and I was able to finally get a few items sold I otherwise was not able to for years. One of them was a little Napco figurine that I had listed for 3-4 years. I was going to let the listing run out on Etsy and put it up in my home because I figured it would not ever sell. So now it is at a new home and I do not have to do that.
I have listed a good amount in January and made some new cross necklaces and working on a new Wall cross. I will get it done sooner or later. I will then be finished with the wall crosses until later on when a few have sold.

I found a new extension that is called the 'Etsy Heart Exchanger' on Google. It really helps to get the views and hearts needed daily for your shops. 
New cross necklaces


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