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Things I found out were selling on Etsy

Here is something that I started working on this past year.
Throughout the time after Etsy stopped having Treasuries. I started to create lists on my Etsy shops pages. I have about 20 different lists for items of different colors, Retro, 1980's, vintage, handmade, etc.. Well, today, I wanted to go through them and see if I could pick up on some or any trends on the selling. I found out that 'Retro 1970's' is selling a large amount in that era and time frame. The Funky/weird items, blue items, green, and purple are selling some things at this time as well. Blue items are selling the most of the colors. I imagine white will pick up due to wedding season coming up.
As far as the Vintage items, just random vintage, this has picked up a great deal as well. I checked Yellow and Red item lists, nothing had been sold from them. I did try to create lists of many beautiful and unique items for sale, and I did find the Retro trend very interesting. So I am going to gear toward find…