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August 6, Etsy and me

I am sorry about not having an Etsy post for so long. I have had ups and downs with my health all year, including surgery, cancer, and now radiation. I am guessing I will be okay and I am just trying to keep my head out of sand with Etsy and the listings.
Sales have been okay, I have had 200 sales on, and 80 sales on This is of course since I started these shops.

I will continue to try to list my items on Etsy more every day. I am trying to battle my own health and do work with Etsy and Ebay. Today I am listing a crafting book on VickiesVintageroom and a pattern as well. 

So if you desire to go to my shops and buy, there is a 10% discount for you in there as well. Thanks for reading. Till next time, Vickie

Etsy and eBay post selling post

I have not posted for around a month. Not since the holidays have been over and done. I did a great deal of sales on eBay and Etsy last 3 months of 2017 for the holiday season. I was very shocked at how much sold, but I have worked 5 years to get these type of sales. 
My secrets: well, not sure I have any in particular. I have a few teams I work with on Etsy and maybe they are helping to get my items noticed. I think that Etsy and eBay had to do a whole lot of changes to compete with Amazon and they did do that. They revamped on Etsy and changed so much, starting in August I seen a great deal more sales. I usually have a sale or 2 always going in my shops, so this now helps. 

My eBay secrets: usually I just put the prices lower than what most others sell theirs for. I am pretty much honest. Out of the 70 sales for the holidays, I had one shirt returned. I am glad nothing broke and I had lots of good feedback. I also gave all the people on eBay and Etsy a gift if they bough from me. Migh…