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New Etsy changes

Once again Etsy has done more changes. This time to the payment account. First they stopped letting us have our sales sent to PayPal, now they have it fixed so that every sale you get they automatically take out the fees owed and so if you have a sale for say $12.00 and you owe after shipping and fees, $11.00. You get $1.00. It will then go to your bank account. Instead of giving us the choice of paying at a later date or paying a certain amount now. It is immediately deducted. I am not happy about this and therefore after the holidays this year. I will only have 50 items or so on each name. The thing I used to do is pay for my bill and add a few cents or dollars to the amount. It would then reflect that I had a credit of say 1.50. Now can not even do that. I just am tired of all the changes. 
However at this time I do have sales and free shipping on many of my items.

Until next time, see you at a later time.

August 6, Etsy and me

I am sorry about not having an Etsy post for so long. I have had ups and downs with my health all year, including surgery, cancer, and now radiation. I am guessing I will be okay and I am just trying to keep my head out of sand with Etsy and the listings.
Sales have been okay, I have had 200 sales on, and 80 sales on This is of course since I started these shops.

I will continue to try to list my items on Etsy more every day. I am trying to battle my own health and do work with Etsy and Ebay. Today I am listing a crafting book on VickiesVintageroom and a pattern as well. 

So if you desire to go to my shops and buy, there is a 10% discount for you in there as well. Thanks for reading. Till next time, Vickie

Etsy and eBay post selling post

I have not posted for around a month. Not since the holidays have been over and done. I did a great deal of sales on eBay and Etsy last 3 months of 2017 for the holiday season. I was very shocked at how much sold, but I have worked 5 years to get these type of sales. 
My secrets: well, not sure I have any in particular. I have a few teams I work with on Etsy and maybe they are helping to get my items noticed. I think that Etsy and eBay had to do a whole lot of changes to compete with Amazon and they did do that. They revamped on Etsy and changed so much, starting in August I seen a great deal more sales. I usually have a sale or 2 always going in my shops, so this now helps. 

My eBay secrets: usually I just put the prices lower than what most others sell theirs for. I am pretty much honest. Out of the 70 sales for the holidays, I had one shirt returned. I am glad nothing broke and I had lots of good feedback. I also gave all the people on eBay and Etsy a gift if they bough from me. Migh…