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Etsy has changed a lot

I have been now on Etsy for 7 years. I have 2 names of course and one name started in 2012.
My second name has been online for 5 years.

I have seen so many changes happen in the past 7 years. There has been new leaders who came in and turned Etsy upside down last year. Some for the good, but some for the bad. They are continuously changing things for us all and it gets very frustrating continuously making changes. 
I am not making nearly as much as I did in the past and I am not having as many sales. I have contemplated going off Etsy for years, but I just keep hoping it gets better for my sales. 
Last year I had double the amount of sales as this year. I am not putting as much in my shops to keep the cost down, but this I am sure is not helping. 
I like How Etsy teams were fixed. If you want to post something and someone is to favor it, they have to go to that page. By doing so then you get more views. But, it is not really helping…

Etsy today, February 21st

Well, I am sorry I have not posted on here for a while. I have been trying to adjust to the new changes that Etsy has once again made. This time to the teams and forums. I have not been posting as much due to the fact that they take out the money immediately as soon as a sale comes in. If you owe more than you get on a sale, then you have your entire sale swiped from you. The Teams are no longer letting you show the item that you post of pictures. So you now have to click on each item individually to favor or heart that item. Oh well, you have to roll with the changes they make if you want to sell on Etsy. Life is how it is. 
My shops are doing okay, not as good as last year at this time, but I will work at improving them starting today. Once again my shops names are