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I started to remove some items from the online market places in which were for Christmas and are basically nothing but Christmas. I deactivated them on Etsy and will put them back on next year in September or October. I did have a great deal of sales. Between Etsy and eBay I sold 65 items from October 1st to today. This is more than I ever sold in that time frame. I gave each customer an extra gift with their packages, whether it would be a Christmas Pencil, gift tags, stickers, etc.. They all got to have something. So this was a lot of work but it had paid off in the long run. Now onto other matters of the heart, I am going to removing many items from both avenues of selling, eBay and Etsy in the next month. I have already started. Some of it will be going to Goodwill, some of it will be deactivated until a later day.  Well this is all for now,.

Etsy Holiday Selling

We are well into the Holiday selling season. This year Etsy changed a great deal of things and I feel the changes improved our sales. They added go on sales, percents off and so on. They also did a social media sharing change for both the phones and online. The sales reflects next to our items when we have them on sale now. I have seen a pretty big difference in the amount of sales I have had compared to last year. I am glad I stuck it out with Etsy and have decided to add clothing and scarves and purses to the shops. It has been a success on the selling of these items. Will I continue to sell them in the future, maybe. I do think the clothing is a good thing to sell. 
So some items I have listed that are new can be found in my 2 Etsy shops. Have a look