About 2 years ago I found out that I had glaucoma at 48 years old. I was going to college then, and tried my best to complete it. Unfortunately that did not happen for me. March of 2013 I had a glaucoma attack in my left eye. Since then, it has been blurry much of the time. It caused me to have my pupil get small, larger than normal, and so on. At first there were 2 drops, then 3, then 4. Now I am down to 2-3 a day. No surgery would help with it, because the doctor said it is a rare case of glaucoma and some nerve damage already noted.
Before all this, 6 months before, I started an online business. Knowing this was what I wanted to do, selling. I first started on eBay, then Etsy. It has been somewhat a success, but with most selling it has its ups and downs. I sell vintage items, and we are now making hand crafted jewelry as well.

I sell on Etsy:
I sell on eBay too:

I sell also on Storenvy:

Sometimes the Glaucoma does not help me to really do what I would like to do with my business. Someday's it is harder than others to do anything with the business. 
I just wish I had things back the way they used to be. None of this was my fault or doing, and why so young to have this happen? I am so frustrated most of the time over it. However, I got to keep on keeping on. 


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