Why should a buyer use Etsy for their buying?

Today is October 24th and I have not posted in more than 2 months on my blog. But, today I decided to do so because I feel this is important. I started selling on Etsy over 5 years ago and it has been an up and down ride for me. Sometimes it has been steady for months. But, this year, Etsy changed some staffing and changed a great deal for the sellers to post their items better and easier. 
I sell vintage, jewelry, hand crafted, and now clothes and purses and scarves. Well, I have decided to add these type of items to sell on Etsy because of the fact that Etsy has done all they can to help us sell. They added 5 more photo spots so the buyer will get a better idea of what they are buying. They added sales and free shipping options for us and it is seen on the pages as you look at an item. They also now offer gift wrapping, and this is an option you can decide on whether you want to do that or not. Yes they made some decisions that bothered me, like losing the treasuries and messing with our stats, but it has not changed anything as far as sales. Now I just use the teams much more than ever before.

You see Etsy is a personal place to most of us. It is the place we have made some friends and even people like family. So many of us sell because we love it for one and want to offer the best we can to the buyers. We also use Etsy because of the low fees of selling an item. If we have a question either Etsy will answer it or one of our team members. You can post in the forums as well if you are concerned about something and need answers. I will probably sell on Etsy as long as I am able to do so. So buyers need to come and see what we all have and buy buy buy. 



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