August 8, Etsy

Hello again, I have not written here for a while. I have been trying to figure out what all changes that Etsy had made to the shops and I also have been making changes to my 2 shops.

I had added a whole lot of items in my shops in the past few months, and a whole lot has been sold. I lost track of how many sales between Etsy and eBay. Used to eBay was the biggest seller for me. Now it has been Etsy. Last weekend I had 5 sales and usually I get 1-2 sales a week. Sometimes I do not even get that. But, I am still working at it and trying. This is all an Etsy shop owner can do. I have already sold over the amount I sold last year on Etsy for the whole year. So this year it might double.

The changes:
Pictures: You now can add 10 pictures. This is great for some items. Such as books, clothing, etc..

sales and coupons: they are trying something new so that people will see what is for sale with coupons and so on. Will wait to see how that turns out.

Stats: well this has been a bad ordeal for most of us. We have to now work 3x harder to get views when we need to be listing. They are slow to get the stats updated and they shut down or mess up a whole lot. Will just see where this goes with the stats. 

Will post again, till then Tata Vickie


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