End of the Year selling in 2016, Changes for 2017

The year 2016 has been pretty descent. The sales were numerous for the holidays. I believe I had about 30 sales in 3 months on eBay and Etsy. So I am not complaining and some of them happened in one week, which sent me to the post office every day for a few weeks. I am happy about it though. 

The first of the year I will be painting many frames due to selling them all but 2 over the holidays. My son Danny will be joining in the work this year. He will be helping me here on out for the time being until he finds a job or returns to college. We are also going to make several cross necklaces, design several wall crosses. I am doing some art again, so this too will be added into it. We got vintage movies out the kazoo to list also. 

Of course our crafting room is going to be changing and all so we  have more space for 2-3 of us to work. I want to be able to create new and sell new items with my son. I have no idea yet how I will involve him in this business yet, but I will figure it out.
Well, until next year, Happy New Year for 2017.


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