Etsy and eBay November 30th

So far the sales for the Christmas holiday season starting in October has been really good. But, 85% of the sales has been vintage and distressed frames on eBay. I feel frustrated with Etsy still and wish I could change some things right now. I just can't yet though. I need to start to lower prices more on eBay and Etsy. I did a 25% coupon for Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday. No sales from Etsy happened with this coupon. I even had my items in Promoted listings for the whole weekend, and still no sales. 

I am planning on doing some changes the first of 2017, and this will include making Cross necklaces more so. I will also be painting more frames and other items to sell. Distressed look on some. I will continue to sell vintage but only the vintage I know will be selling, which sometimes is not easy to tell. I have sold 5 frames in the past month so the supplies are about out. 

Well, Here are my shops


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