July 12, Etsy posting and rebuilding my shop.

In May I went through all the different items I had listed on Etsy. I figured out the vintage items that have not sold in 3-4 years and revamped them for a cheaper price. In Mid June, I decided if I have to continuously relist the items and have to keep promoting them because they get no views, then they were to come off and be given to Goodwill. The items that were there for 3 years of the 4 I have been selling, well, time to get them off the list. I then went through a tremendous amount of changes for the shop. I changed titles, prices, pictures, and revamped my shops intro page. I found more items to sell, things I found at thrift stores or garage sales, or my closets. I wanted different types of items that I never sold before;Red vintage, green vintage, etc... that would be unique and different for the shop. I got the old children's books off that were not going to sell, cut sewing patterns that had not sold in 3 years. I decided that I will get more patterns in the future for crafting patterns, doll patterns, etc.. 
What I also did was go through the sales I had in the past and decided what sells really good and started finding or making these items. 
June was dead for me on Etsy, so that was the time I spent revamping the shop. Here are some of the new items I have posted.



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