Customer issues on Etsy and eBay

Throughout the time of 3 years that I have been selling online, for the most part, the customers are great. But, then there are the few that really cause problems. I always do the best I can to be honest and pack everything very well. I always give feedback through eBay if something sells on there. I write notes to every customer, or send a type written one to them, to thank them for buying from my shops. I always ask for feedback, but much of the time feedback is not left. But, I can't harass customers for it.

The last few months I have had a few items that broke, or someone claims that something was not as said. Yesterday, I receive a knife butcher block back in the mail with no warning from buyer. I sold this over a month ago, and had no clue the buyer was not happy and was sending it back. She claimed that it did not stand up.. I put it on the table and it was sitting as pictures showed and very well. She put a note in the box she wanted the money refunded. Well, hmmm. No emails, not letting me know that anything was wrong in her opinion, nothing for a month. My policies clearly state on Etsy that they are to let me know within 72 hours if there is a problem and they want refund. They have 2 weeks to return it to me. Nothing was said and this really disturbed me. Sorry, this is not the way to deal with a seller. I do not think anyone will be happy in that type of situation.

I had a customer 2 weeks ago, after selling some salt and pepper shakers, tell me that one of them was repaired and they wanted their money back, but wanted to keep the ducks. I told them, please send me a picture of what they were talking about and return the items. Then they will receive their refund. They decided to not do so and keep them, then left me good feedback for them as if nothing is wrong. This was on eBay. I could not tell if the customer was trying to pull a fast one on me, but I was wise to this happening.

About 2-3 months ago, a book I sold on Etsy got returned after shipping it to the customer a few months before. The tracking said it was left in the mailbox. I looked on Etsy and seen that the customer had never emailed to see where it was. What happened to this customer for them to never receive the item, maybe moved and forgot about it, was very strange. I would gladly send the book to their new address if they ever asked, but they never asked. Just so weird.

I had an item break that was working fine and dandy on the way to the person's house. The post office evidently threw the box around and it got broken. I refunded this customer because they sent me pictures of it broken. I then went onto USPS site and filed a complaint about a broken item and sent the pictures. They refunded me as well. So this is the right way to get a refund and to ask for a refund. Not sending it to me in a box and never letting me know anything was wrong for them, whether it was a lie or whatever. Not wanting to send pictures and refusing to send them back, this is cause for me to believe it is a lie and there will be no refund.

All in all, I love selling and reaching out to the customers that love my items. There have been some terrific buyers who leave great feedback. But, then there are those who are not right or do not do the right things when wanting money back for an item. Whether it is eBay or Etsy or some other avenues, there are always policies for refunding or returning the items. It is sad though, when you get the customers who are a bad apple, and almost make everyone a bad apple with them.


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