Feb. 19th, 2015

I haven't wrote in my business blog for a while. So today I thought I would write as to what I have been up to. I never wanted to paint much through the years. However, lately I realised that I have to start doing something different to sell that I worked on myself. I decided to start doing Shabby Cottage Chic items. It might be frames, pictures, crosses, etcc. I also am going to work on a Beach Cottage type decor too with stones, shells, etc.. I just have to figure out the things I plan on doing. I am saving up tin cans and have looked through tons of ideas, but I want my own., One that no one else has done. So then I will feel creative. I have been not working as a Nursing assistant for 5 years now, and sometimes I wish I could work again. But, physically it is too much for me now a days. Some days I have trouble walking, pain gets to me, sometimes my eyes are totally messed up from the glaucoma, but not all the time. It is hard to do what I want to do, but I keep going. I have to create right now because if I don't I will be too depressed all the time. 

Well I got my first frame done in shabby cottage chic, and another frame is done but going to add shells to it for beach cottage decor. Thinking on the cross I will be starting next week, as to what I want to do to make it look different. Only time will tell. Well, time to hit the road. Until later, tata


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