As I sit here and want to complain about the weather, my age, my hurts and pains, depression, and so on. I also have to try to realize that God is in control of everything and no matter how hard life is, I have to allow God to take control and depend and trust in his guidance, mercy, and love. 

As I watch Isis and Russia playing their dreadful war games, we have to realize that only God can fix what is wrong with the world. I am thankful to be living in a quiet house, town, street, and basically life. I could not imagine what the people who lost everything is feeling like. The ones who had a home one day, but war took it away the next. Little children walking the streets, hungry, sore, dirty, and alone. As I go about my daily business with Etsy, eBay, and Bonanza. I ask why God am I not selling anything? When actually,  I should be thankful for the home, health, food, clothing, money, and life that I now have that at one time I didn't. I am thankful I am not homeless, living in a motel or sleeping on floors at strangers houses or friends. This I did do, in boot was my son who now is grown. So I am thankful for all I have.

So thank You Jesus for it all. 


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