Selling on eBay, Etsy, and Bonanza

I have been selling on Etsy and eBay and Bonanza for over 2 years now. Most of my sales generate from eBay. I have sold over 55 items on Etsy, and have worked extremely hard at doing so. I am continuously working at trying to get more and more items posted so that I will generate more sales on Etsy and Bonanza. 

I have had many people ask me how to get started on these places. Well, here is what I usually tell them. 

1. Open an account on them, and look for the start selling links. Etsy has many many places for information on selling on there. 
2. You also must have a PayPal account, in order to sell anything on these places. Most of the buyers might use their credit cards but the money goes into your Paypal account. On Etsy, if they do not pay through Paypal they can pay through your shop and it will go into a Shop account. A few days later this money will then go to your bank account that you linked to them. 
3. Expect to pay fees out somehow, Bonanza is the cheapest place to list. No fees to list anything you want and keep it on as long as you want to. The fees will be minimal as to what your settings will be for the selling. Etsy fees are .20 a listing and they stay on for 4 months. There is a bit of a fee if the customer pays to your shop account. Paypal takes out some fees no matter what. Ebay is highest in fees, but they get more people looking and more potential buyers. I have sold more on there, but paid out more in fees. I have tried other avenues, and these 3 are the ones that work for me.
4.Shipping is not the easiest to get used to doing. You might have to pay out money you didn't expect at times. I always make sure that the cost of shipping is included either in the prices or as the shipping cost. Best to not overcharge on the shipping because then you will lose customers doing so. Fast shipping is the best way to go, and I try to get the items out in the mail within 2 days. I do not use FedEx anymore or UPS. I find it cheaper and better to sell items that can ship into the USPS boxes. It is entirely up to you how you might want to ship. Just make sure you get the correct amount on the listing for shipping. 
5. Make sure your titles and tag words are good for the items. Make clear, honest titles. If there is a dent, say it. If there is a tear in a page of a book, note that down so that the customers will see what they are getting. On Etsy, tag words are important. For example, if selling a Vintage Sewing Pattern, make sure that you have good tags. Vintage, Sewing Pattern, Vintage Pattern, 1976, dresses, girls dresses, size 4-8, etc... This will help to find the items. Good idea to put all the information you can on Bonanza and eBay as well.
6. Pricing, try to stay reasonable, look to see what others are selling the same item for or similar item, and go a hair cheaper if yours is similar. If it is in better condition, it is okay to go higher. Just be sure that it is not too outlandish or it will not sell.
7. Pictures, try to have 5 of them, and make them clear as possible that shows all there is to know about the item.
This is all I can tell you at this time, any questions I will be happy to answer.


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