Etsy changes again

Please check out my Etsy shops:

I have many new things I have listed and more to come on both names.

This past month in May Etsy rolled out their new Shop Manager. They took away our views that we were getting to just the few from actual people who go to Etsy and click on our pages. So now we all have to work 20x harder to get our views instead of focusing on adding more items to our shops or creating. Maybe we were getting some bots in there with some of the stats but that was up to us if that is how we really liked it. 

I also see where you have to add 500 characters or 100+ words to your descriptions now. They really push this and even after you fix it and I add 200+ words they still do not take off your little note that it needs to be fixed. 

It is okay that they let us know about the pictures, that we need 5, but I am aggravated over this idea of how the photos should look. One blog says to add a good background for them which shows them in different light. Another blog about the pictures will say they should have one background color. I decided to go to shops who sell a great deal and see how they do their pics. Well, for now, I am going to be taking pictures in a white background. 

Enough of the complaints, I have been out and about shopping at yard sales, thrift stores, and other avenues to find some items to sell. I have found some wonderful things to list and sell.
I also have been watching Planet Alissa's sales videos on YouTube. She is very knowledgeable and sells a great deal from her Etsy shop. She has all white back ground on her pictures and I decided this is to be my route for now. 

Till next time, Tata


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