Name change on Etsy, StreetCrossingDesign now

I decided to ask Etsy to change my name from Streetcrossing to StreetCrossingDesign. I am working at removing vintage and adding it to my renewed show I had at one time VickiesVintageRoom. I will get the links into this later on. 
I have made new jewelry and a new cross design. I am revamping for the holidays and trying to get it up and going good by October in both shops. Etsy seems like it favors certain shops and is always putting certain folks on the Home page over and again. It makes me feel kind of obsolete at times. They also do not put the Treasuries on the front home page anymore. There reason is that people do not go to treasuries to buy items. Well, many of my items that were featured in the treasuries have been sold. So unfortunately I think that they have it wrong.


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