Etsy Shop changes coming up, hints for helping with new shops

Just when I got used to the last changes to the Etsy shop. Now they are changing things again. I guess they are making it easier for the customers to see everything there is about every customer before they buy. Just the editing of the shop and the items I have already there, will be much more frustrating. If I want to move something from page 5 to page 1, I do not see a way to do this anymore. I am just to move things around with an icon or something.

For more hints to help the shops grow. I got my 100 sales this past month. It only took me almost 4 years, but hey, I did it. I do not sell things that are always being looked for. I sell things that are hard to find most of the time. I try to sell things that I had once sold in the past if I find another also.
One of the biggest things that I noticed that is important to do in selling on Etsy-->Those tags and titles. Tags have to be there and are important. I try to do all but 1 or 2. Sometimes I do them all. Make it 2 words, not just jewelry or vintage. Write out 'vintage necklace' in a tag. People are more liable to find it when looking. Make sure you get the sizes on the title, the age is important too. 
Sometimes I go and and type in my item in the search on Etsy. If I do not see my item on page one or 2, I redo some things on the title and the tags. I have not done this for a while, Not since before Christmas, but I had more sales for the holidays than the year before. If any questions, please contact me on Etsy at my shop title above or email me at: Until next time, Vickie


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