February 5th Etsy SHop news

Its been a while since I posted. Etsy shops were busy for the Holidays. I did sell more this year than any of the other 3 years for Christmas. I had only 2 sales on VickiesVintageRoom so I closed this Etsy shop and am integrating all the items to my Streetcrossing on Etsy name. 


I have been only listing vintage and have not done any new crafts yet this year. I have so much going on because I picked up part time work online with 3 different websites. I am getting paid weekly something or another. 

So far this year I have sold 2 items, but after Christmas sales are always slow. I have sold on Ebay a few distressed frames and a few vintage items. I am going to have to try to get some more frames and paint more here soon. Until later, tata, Vickie


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