Free Holiday Handmade gift with every Order in my Shops for the Holidays

I have not written in here for a month or so. I wanted to touch base for a bit. I am still selling on Etsy and Ebay. I decided with the Etsy shops being they are more personal to me. The people seem to really enjoy buying from Etsy, so I am offering a free holiday gift for each buyer who orders from my shop. YES, Free. I am in the process of making these gifts but have to wait until tomorrow for finishing touches on them. I have 2 done. My first shop here is a shop in which I sell Vintage, jewelry, and home decor I painted.

I do also offer affordable prices.

This shop here is my main Etsy shop that I have been working with for 3 years. It also have Vintage, but much more jewelry, and hand crafted, hand painted items. Including Wall Crosses.


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