Etsy and Ebay hints to help with selling, September 2nd, 2015

I haven't wrote for a while so I am guessing it is time.

A new thing I have been doing on Etsy is that I go into my Listings manager and check to see which Items have had less than 5 views a month and feature them. The yellow star features them at the top of your page on page 1 of your shop. It will only show up 4 at a time of your featured items. I try to promote these the most daily and then when they get 5+ views, I unclick the featured star, and the next 4 will show up. This has been helping my items get noticed more and this past month I had many more sales. I do not know if I will continue to get more sales like that, but would be great if I did., is shop # 1.

My second shop I do not have as many items, and it was my sons shop. He quit so I took it fully over for now.

Another think I have been doing is making a treasury a week on each name. One of the names I promote the people who are in contact with me a lot. The other name I do a treasury for mostly newer people who I do not know. I want to grow my followers on Etsy, and this is great way to do so. Well, everyone have a Blessed September.


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