Thursday, December 11, 2014

The eyes are bad but the sales are good

Today is December 11th, and the sales for this Christmas has been much better than last year or 2. I have had enough to buy Christmas then for my husband and my son will be too.

dannysdepot is doing better than thought on Etsy. He has had 2 sales in 1 week. Been going for 21 days on Etsy. I was on Etsy 2 months before we got sales. I am thinking, maybe because it is a guy, or the name is more understandable than Streetcrossing. I know that would be a shop name you would wonder, What? Well, I am a Christian, and my last name is Street, so I did Streetcrossing. Not thinking this will not work that well for my shop on Etsy.

All in all, things will get better. I have faith that I will be very blessed.

My eyes are acting up even more than before, but I have to keep trudging along. I have to use a magnifying glass a great deal with items and what it says on the bottom or a book. But, I am hanging in there. God is truly good.

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